Thursday, 1 February 2007

Visitors' Book

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Anonymous said...

Dear Reader,
This a.m. {4/28/07} during my devotional time the hymn I sang was "Abide With Me" by H.F. Lyte.
Curiosity led me to a web site on Lower Brixham,UK which led me further to a site on St. Peter's.
Jesus' prayer in John 17 for unity among Christians has been sorely tried but these old hymns provide unity across thousands of miles.Perhaps someone in the UK will join me in prayer for Christian unity and the salvation of others to the glory of God!
Lorna Maxwell Killeen,TX. USA

Anonymous said...

A Church I long to visit but will Miss Andrew Deuchar has now gone to Scotland I have heard, does anyone Know his email address? Please send:

Kenneth Baker said...

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